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About Us
I am Brian DeBenedetti, owner of Parmesan Construction. My Italian ancestors hail near Genoa in the Northwest, but I like the Apenines region to the east near the cities of Milano, Bologna, and especially Parma. (Ask me about the Irish side of my family!)

My company has been licensed and bonded in the state of Washington since April 1995. Carpentry was injected in me as a kid helping my Dad with home projects; my first paying job was the summer of ninth grade nailing down shake roofs. Since then I’ve done construction throughout seven western states, as well as Mexico and France. My job resume also includes: Outward Bound instructor; private school teacher; professional raft guide; and counselor for behaviorally disturbed boys. I settled in Seattle in 1992, bought a 1906 house in 1997, and have since spent too much time remodeling it.

We are a small company consisting of two employees and I. When we land a larger job, I hire carpenters from a labor pool shared with other small-volume contractors. The subcontractors I work with are serious professionals and great individuals. These include: Kemly Electric; Decker Design (tile); Performance Plumbing; and Ballard Natural Gas. All workers on my jobsites are licensed and bonded, unless the owners and I mutually agree to bring in casual labor.

I am a remodel builder; the architects/designers finalize the plan. I have worked with the architects Jay Lazerwitz and Donna Brown and Robert Lober, and will be pleased to set up meetings between you and them.

Our intention as a construction company is to listen intently to the client’s desires, contribute to the conversation our good taste and experience, reshape the budget until it fits, and produce a quality product.

I look forward to meeting with you and reviewing your project.
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